My Hero Academia Season 5: Why Shinso Will Become So Important

My Hero Academia has been the talk of the anime fandom this past weekend and for good reason. The show made a comeback in a big way thanks to its Hero Festival as the event gave fans a first look at season five. A trailer and poster were shared for the upcoming season which left fans very excited. And if you have questions about Shinso's part in the promos, we have answers for you.

But beware! There are spoilers for My Hero Academia season five below:

If you will remember back in My Hero Academia season two, fans were introduced to Shinso Hitoshi during the U.A. Festival. Fans watched as Shinso dominated the first round of tests before he was pitted against Izuku. It was there fans learned how badly the General Studies student wants to be a hero, and it seems his shot is about to come.

my hero academia shinso

After all, the promo for season five shows Shinso in a gym uniform with a new tool hung around his neck. The support item appears to be a microphone of sots, and it has already prompted comparisons to Bane's mask in Batman. He also has on a scarf just like the one Aizawa wears, so you can see where this is going.

Shinso's strategy during the festival caught the eye of many, and Aizawa was one of them. He knows what it is like having a non-offensive quirk in a world with overpowered heroes. It makes sense for Aizawa to invest in Shinso outside of Class 1-A given his promise. Now, it seems like Shinso will get the chance to prove his merit during a joint training exercise. And if he performs well enough, there's a chance Shinso will join Class 1-A or 1-B real soon.


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