My Hero Academia Confirms Rumored Manga Delay Due to COVID-19

My Hero Academia is in the middle of one of its tensest arcs to date, and it has more to delve [...]

My Hero Academia is in the middle of one of its tensest arcs to date, and it has more to delve into. The first real war of the manga has gotten underway, so you can see why fans have been eating up each chapter as they have gone live. But as it turns out, My Hero Academia will not have a new chapter go live this week due to some pandemic-related process changes.

Recently, Shueisha posted a message from the Shonen Jump Editorial Team that explains the new hiatus. There will be no new chapter of My Hero Academia this week despite previous plans to release one. This is because the entire team is moving to remote work, and the staff backing the superhero series needed time to adapt.

"Thank you for all loving My Hero Academia. This issue of My Hero Academia will be temporarily delayed. We apologize to all of the readers," the statement reads (via DBSHypeX).

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(Photo: Shueisha)

"To lower the risk of transmitting the new coronavirus, My Hero Academia will switch from analog to digital work. It takes a lot of time to finish a script, and it was hard to publish this issue. So we decided to delay it. My Hero Academia will resume in Issue 33-34 on July 20."

Clearly, the delay is necessary as the health of Shonen Jump's employees is tantamount. In the past, the entire magazine had to be delayed a week when one editorial staffer began exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Remote work will give each employee ease of mind, and it will ensure the magazine avoids blame for any potential positive cases. So while the team behind My Hero Academia is busy working this weekend, you can enjoy other hit series like One Piece in the next issue of Shonen Jump.

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