My Hero Academia Highlights Ochaco's Big Moment: Watch

My Hero Academia might have brought Deku's tenure as a dark hero to an end, but the struggle for Hero Society continues. With Class 1-A managing to convince their friend Midoriya to return to the locked-down UA Academy, the civilians seeking refuge aren't thrilled at the prospect of the One For All user living with them. In one of this season's most heartfelt moments, Uravity attempts to calm down the populace and lay everything on the line in an effort to save her dear friend.

My Hero Academia Season 6 hasn't just given anime viewers some of the biggest battles of the shonen series to date, it threw into question whether Hero Society was as bright and shiny as many had originally believed. In order for this society to function in the My Hero Academia anime, there were quite a few bloody behind-the-scenes events that needed to take place as demonstrated by Lady Nagant's background. While the My Hero Academia characters of Class 1-A might be some of the strongest young crime fighters the world has ever seen, Deku and company are attempting to forge a world where the sins of the past can be atoned for and Uravity's speech takes a big step forward in this regard.

Uravity's Big Speech: Watch

Ochaco originally got into the hero game for far less altruistic reasons than Deku, hoping to score enough cash as a crime fighter to help her parents. Thanks to Midoriya's influence and the events that have taken place in My Hero Academia, Uravity has truly found herself and what she can achieve without simply relying on her Quirk. Luckily, her speech is able to turn the tide when it comes to the public perception of the potential symbol of peace.

While Deku's time as a dark hero might be over and Uravity's speech helped quell those refugees at UA Academy fearful for their lives, the battle is far from over. All For One is now free from his confinement and it seems as though All Might is set to confront none other than Stain the Hero Killer in the next episode of the anime adaptation. Despite winning the Paranormal Liberation War, dark times are ahead for the shonen heroes.

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