My Hero Academia: Why the Dark Deku Arc Is One of the Anime's Best

My Hero Academia is preparing to end its sixth season and with its end, we might just see the end of the main hero Deku's career as a dark vigilante patrolling the streets. With the last episode of the anime adaptation pitting Izuku Midoriya against his old friends at Class 1-A, the shonen hero has a new problem that is unfolding in civilians not thrilled to see him come back to UA Academy. As Dark Deku's days might be numbered, now seems like the time to explore why this latest arc was one of the series' best.

Let's start with the obvious, Deku's costume as "Dark Deku" is the best fit that he's had in the entirety of the series. My Hero Academia characters have changed their outfits plenty over the course of the shonen franchise, but this look for Izuku Midoriya perfectly reflected both his mindset and the current state of Hero Society. The idea that Deku has never been more powerful, while also never being more feared by the general public works on some interesting levels when it comes to his task of desperately trying to hold civilization together. While the look might not be present currently in the My Hero Academia manga, it left quite the impression on viewers watching season 6. 

My Dark Deku Academia

Another key component of Deku's stint as a "Dark Hero" was the idea that he was barely holding on despite his massive power upgrade. Eating little food and getting little rest, the One For All wielder was ping-ponging across Hero Society and had no one to rely on outside of an exacerbated All Might, hoping to get Midoriya to calm down and take time for himself. While Deku's power increased thanks to his discussions with the One For All Users bouncing around in his head, to the point where he "one-shotted" Muscular, his journey as a vigilante of the night was beyond difficult.

Deku's descent into darkness was solidified by Lady Nagant, the tool of All For One and former top hero for the Public Safety Commission. In her backstory, the "Dark Hero Arc" was able to once again peel back layers from Hero Society and show viewers that while All For One might be a monster, perhaps he had some point when it came to the idea that changes were needed for the world's future. 

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