My Hero Academia Cracks Open the Anime's Most Infamous Prison

In Greek Mythology, Tartarus was a part of the underworld that helmed not just the Titans, but scores of "the wicked" that are sent there to be tortured, though, in My Hero Academia, the establishment might be worse. The prison known as Tartarus houses some of the worst of the worst when it comes to villains looking to overthrow Hero Society, and almost immediately following the conclusion of the War Arc, the villains are wasting little time as the latest installment sees a prison break that will shake the foundation of the earth for Class 1-A and company.

While Shigaraki, the League of Villains, and the Paranormal Liberation Front might have been defeated during the recent war, the villains wasted little time and didn't even take time to lick their wounds before striking out to begin their next big step. The main component of this new assault is to free All For One, the main villain responsible for All Might's retirement who still is a powerhouse, despite giving his Quirk to Shigaraki. Wielding a cloned version of the Quirk, All For One is freed from his confinement but unfortunately for the heroes, he's far from the only one.

My Prison Academia

On top of All For One being freed, so too was the powerhouse Muscular broken free from Tartarus, with the larger-than-life villain causing Midoriya quite a hassle earlier in the series. While far from being as powerful as he once was thanks to losing his limbs, Overhaul was also sprung loose thanks to Lady Nagant, a character that will have a major impact on the series in the future of season six. Causing more headaches for the heroes, Stain also was released from his captivity, with the "Hero Killer" having a wide swath of influence thanks to his previous actions.

Tartarus was cracked open like an egg in My Hero Academia's latest installment, but it wasn't the only prison that was decimated, as All For One used Shigaraki's body and the High-End Nomu to help in breaking out countless prisoners from multiple prisons escape as well, meaning that Hero Society is in for quite a rough time ahead. 

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