My Hero Academia Reveals Key Detail About Shigaraki's New Power Advantage

My Hero Academia's 'Paranormal Liberation War' arc is all about the titular war between pro heroes [...]

My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc is all about the titular war between pro heroes and a villain army - but it's also a springboard to the next-generation battle between the series' biggest superpowers: One For All and All For One. The Paranormal Liberation War arc has activated the true All For One quirk inside of Tomura Shigaraki, which has in turn sparked a new awakening in Izuku Midoriya's One For All power. As we see Deku and Shigaraki careening toward My Hero Academia's biggest power explosion ever, we're learning that Shigaraki's power comes with some frightening advantages!

Warning: My Hero Academia manga chapter 275 SPOILERS follow!

In the latest chapter of the manga, Tomura Shigaraki continues his mad pursuit of Izuku Midoriya, and the One For All power inside of him. Deku and Bakugo have already set a trap for Shigaraki (leading him to Deku so that Bakugo can ambush), and the rest of the top Pro Hero squad (led by no. 1 hero Endeavor) are converging on Shigaraki, to try to bring him down through a combined attack. Unfortunately, none of it matters.

Once again we see that Tomura Shigaraki has evolved into the greatest threat My Hero Academia's heroes have ever faced. Just dodging Shigaraki's newly-boosted disintegrate quirk is near-fatal work; as Shigaraki continues to get more and more hold over All For One's array of stolen quirks, he proves to be frighteningly good at the learning curve.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki Advantage Search Quirk Manga 275
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

In one key moment of detail, we learn the Search quirk All For One took from Rag Doll has an added benefit: it stores the data of everyone that Rag Doll met, up until the moment her quirk was stolen! This is a key detail for My Hero Academia fans to take note of, given what could be coming in the next phase of this story.

Right now, Shigaraki has been battling Endeavor; Eraser Head just shut Shigaraki's abilities to battle the psychotic villain, and there are any number of top heroes (not to mention Izuku and Bakugo) who are in the line of fire right now. Given Rag Doll's extensive contact with U.A.'s students, faculty, and other pro heroes, any number of the heroes stepping up to Shigaraki right now may not realize that they are going into battle at severe disadvantage. "Search" allows a user to see the location and weaknesses of anyone the user has seen, meaning that Shigaraki already knows the weaknesses of Eraser Head, Endeavor, and so many others!

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.