My Hero Academia Teases Shigaraki's Devastating Attack Against Eraserhead

My Hero Academia's new 'Paranormal Liberation War' arc in the manga has finally promoted Tomura [...]

My Hero Academia's new "Paranormal Liberation War" arc in the manga has finally promoted Tomura Shigaraki to the status of the series biggest and baddest big bad. The new "Plus Ultra" Shigaraki has had his disintegration quirk fully-powered, and the true All For One quirk (and its many powers) activated inside him. has Izuku Midoriya on the run, with the top pro heroes rallying to stop the villain. The latest cliffhanger sees Eraserhead step up to take on Shigaraki, but My Hero Academia's manga has already dropped a major hint that Shigaraki is about to hit Eraserhead with a devastating counter-attack!

Warning! My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 275 SPOILERS Follow!

When Tomrua Shigaraki awakens with the power of All For One at his disposal, he also inherits the original user's insatiable hunger to absorb the One For All power of his brother. With Deku and Bakugo drawing Shigaraki's attention, Endeavor and his fellow pro heroes rally from Shigaraki's disintegration wave to strike back at the villain army leader.

However, Shigaraki quickly proves that he is indeed the terrible fulfillment of All For One's next evolution. With quickening ease, Shigaraki manages to access a variety of All For One's stockpile of stolen powers, and employ them in frightening new ways. In fact, Shigaraki manages to temporarily overpower the top pro heroes, and nearly kills off Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo. That's when Eraserhead steps in to protect his students, by shutting down Shigaraki's powers entirely! But like so many things in My Hero Academia's war arc, this momentary advantage by the heroes may just be the prelude to a much bigger tragedy.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki Quirk Canceling Buillets vs Eraserhead
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

My Hero Academia creator Kōhei Horikoshi has been throwing a lot key clues and details into the artwork of the manga - and there is one key detail to notice about the current cliffhanger of Eraserhead challenging Shigaraki: if you look closely, Tomura Shigaraki grabs hold of a secret weapon that will take Eraserhead down for good!

Previous chapters of the manga showed that Shigaraki collected some of the quirk-canceling bullets developed by Overhaul, from the ruins of Dr. Ujiko's lab. The final panels of chapter 275 clearly show Shigaraki searching his pants pockets (there's even an "RSTL" sound effect for him 'rustling through his pockets'). Presumably, the quirk canceling bullets are what he's going to pull out - weapons that Eraserhead and the other pro heroes have no idea Shigaraki is packing.

My Hero Academia has been building an Eraserhead subplot into this war arc all along - a storyline tinged with death. In fact, Eraserhead's big grandstand against Shigaraki involves his reflection on why he's remained alive while so many others around him are dead. Hopefully, Shota isn't wrong about his destiny to defeat Shigaraki, instead of catching a bullet.

...And if Eraserhead falls, there's no one left who can hold the villains growing powers at bay!

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.