My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Leaves Endeavor on the Line

My Hero Academia's newest cliffhanger has put Endeavor on the line! As the fight between the heroes and Tomura Shigaraki continues, Endeavor has pushed himself farther than ever as he fights against Shigaraki's rapid evolution as the new inheritor of All For One. He has been throwing everything he can at Shigaraki, but had been previously weakened due to fighting the High-End Nomu in Dr. Ujiko's laboratory just a few moments before. But as the fight with Shigaraki reaches its climax, the two of them are going for their final gambit.

Chapter 281 of the series sees Shigaraki making his final move as the fight is beginning to take its toll on his body. Thanks to Aizawa's quirk erasure still focused on him, he does not have full access to his entire slate of abilities like when he first had awakened from his tube. Even with this opportunity presenting itself, Shigaraki's not going down without a fight against Endeavor.

The previous chapter saw Shigaraki growing far more frustrated with Endeavor's efforts as he continues to hate the world of heroes for what they did to his family. Strangely enough, Endeavor's the one pro who can truly understand this pain considering how much he has put his own family through in the chase to overcome his former rival, All Might. That's all starting to come out in this particular clash, and it's gotten more heated towards the end.

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As the end of Chapter 281 draws near, Shigaraki prepares for one final attack. After pinning down Gran Torino and deals what looks to be a fatal blow, Deku rushes in to help and manages to hold Shigaraki down with his Blackwhip ability. It's here that Endeavor spots the opportunity for another attack. Endeavor's flames have weakened due to how long and fierce this battle has been thus far, and thus decides to put all of his energy into one final hit in the hopes that it will take down Shigaraki once and for all.

But as the chapter comes to an end, Shigaraki is seen reaching for the perfected quirk bullet and aims it squarely at Aizawa. If it hits, Shigaraki will gain his power once more and Endeavor's attack will be meaningless. If it hits Endeavor instead, then this fight is over instantly. What do you think of this cliffhanger? Will Endeavor be able to deal the final blow before Shigaraki can use the quirk bullet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!