My Hero Academia Reveals A New Quirk That Could Seal All For One's Victory

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 330 Just Changed Everything

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter has revealed the a new quirk of unique power - a quirk that could finally give All For One the edge needed to seal the villain overlord's chances at ultimate victory. My Hero Academia chapter 330 is our first full introduction to America's top hero, Star and Stripe, as well as her unique quirk power: New Order.  With New Order, Star and Stripe is able to effectively re-write the reality of any target she sets her focus on. It's a quirk that All For One has now sets his sights on with good reason: 

Thanks to the quirk power of New Order, All For One finally potentially has the means necessary to take the power of One For All for himself

In My Hero Academia chapter 330, Star and Stripes does battle with the new hybrid being that is Tomura Shigaraki/All For One. It is in that battle that we get firsthand example of what Star and Stripe's quirk power does: she is able to erase all air around Shigaraki from existence, choking the villain; allows her to hold a laser blast that Shigaraki deflects; and even lets her create a "rule" wherein Shigaraki must remain motionless or his heart will stop. It's also revealed that Star and Sripe can only use her power on two targets at a time, and is constantly using herself as one target, in order to help her equal All Might's raw strength and power.


This latest chapter of My Hero Academia quickly and deftly sets parameters for exactly how All For One could end up using the New Order quirk to apocalyptic effect. The two-target rule of New Order is conspicuously perfect for a situation in which All For One makes a two-pronged wish: 

  1. That he is given full control of Tomura Shigaraki's body (instead of them battling for it internally). 
  2. That his new body can take (and hold) both the powers of AFO and OFA. 

That said, Star and Stripe and her origin story suggest there could be a decidedly different outcome for this New Order quirk. 

Star and Stripe was the young girl whose family All Might saved at the beginning of the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie - a moment that inspired that same young girl to become America's no. 1 hero. Right now, it seems like there's a definite death flag hanging over Star and Stripe - but there's also good chance for her to pay a Karmic debt to All Might before the end of her story comes. Star and Stripe's quirk could just as easily become the means to giving Izuku Midoriya and his OFA power a final power boost edge needed to defeat All For One - or even means by which Toshinori Yagi gets to suit up as All Might one last time. 

Bottom line: New Order makes anything My Hero Academia fans thought impossible suddenly possible. How do you think the series will use it? 

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