My Hero Academia Reveals the Quirk All For One Needs Most

My Hero Academia has been playing a long game with All For One, and the villain is just about ready to put himself on the board. If you are caught up with the manga, you will know the villain is living large following his escape from prison, and society is crumbling to his whims. With the pros heroes on the defense, All For One is ready to score his biggest prize to date, and it will change everything we know about America's top hero.

The whole thing went down at the beginning of My Hero Academia's latest chapter. When the update went live, fans watched as All For One gave his usual spiel to Spinner about the future he wants for his world. As we all know, the League has played a role in distracting heroes from his top goal, and his new 0 puts Star and Stripe at risk.

After all, All For One wants to steal the heroine's quirk. The crazed villain knows Star and Stripe is a formidable foe, and it will be a challenge to take her down. As she studied under All Might, the American pro hero has the guts to stick out a tough battle, and All For One has sent his protege to steal her power.

"This is a gamble," he tells Spinner. "She will prove far more than a mere nuisance but should I manage to steal her quirk, the rest of this war will be just a formality!"

As you can see, the villain has big plans for Star and Stripe, so Shigaraki better not let his mentor down. Luckily, the heroine has backup coming her way. Endeavor has informed Hawks and Best Jeanist about the whole ordeal. And if need be, we're sure Izuku will rush to her side if Shigaraki proves too much to handle. 

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