My Hero Academia Teases America's Top Pro Hero's Quirk

My Hero Academia is teasing the quirk belonging to America's top pro hero with the newest chapter of the series! Kohei Horikoshi's manga is now kicking off the next phase of the Final Act, and now that Izuku Midoriya and the others have finally gotten a brief reprieve it was soon revealed just how brief of a break they are actually going to have. All For One and Tomura Shigaraki are enacting their major plan, and it's going to involve the entire world and this means fans have gotten a look at some of the world's other heroes. 

The previous chapter of the series gave fans a look at how the rest of the world's countries outside of Japan handle their pro heroes, and with it debuted the first look at the United States' own top hero as well. The newest chapter of the series gives fans yet another good look at this number one hero, Star and Stripe, and with it also teased that her quirk is going to be a game changer that will turn the entire tide of the war in All For One's favor for good. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 329 of the series sees All For One explaining the real scope of his plan to Spinner. Because while one of his goals is to obtain One For All's power, it's actually only a stepping stone to whatever plan he's cooking up to send the entire world into chaos. He then explains that Star and Stripe will end up providing the biggest obstacle in kicking off his plan successfully, but also provides a major opportunity for him. It seems her quirk, whatever it turns out to be, is one All For One wants desperately. 

While the chapter has yet to reveal her quirk, All For One explains that Star and Stripe will provide the greatest challenge because while it's a gamble to take her on directly, stealing her quirk make the rest of the war a "formality." Meaning whatever power she holds is strong enough to completely dominate whatever All For One has planned. It could very well be the final piece of the puzzle to bring it all to fruition, and it's likely why fans are so terrified to see the pro coming face to face with Shigaraki at the end of the chapter. 

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