My Hero Academia: Aizawa's Actor to Take Break After COVID-19 Diagnosis

COVID-19 has caused quite a few problems in not just the anime industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole around the world, with several productions having to delay future works. It seems that My Hero Academia has been affected most recently as the voice actor that brings Eraserhead to life, Junichi Suwabe, has contract the virus, sharing the news via social media while ensuring fans that he's taking the proper precautions for a quick recovery. 

Using his Official Twitter Account to confirm the rumor that he contracted COVID-19, Junichi Suwabe stated that he is hoping to make a quick recovery and is taking the opportunity to rest in order to combat the virus, while following doctors' orders when it comes to the coronavirus:

The translations of these Tweets from the voice actor that brings Aizawa to life read as such:

"It is as reported from the affiliated office. The symptoms are calm at the moment, but I would like to take a good rest and try to recover so as not to prolong. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and concern that we may have caused."

"Due to the suspension of activities for medical treatment, "Junichi Suwabe's Weekly Ojisearch" on 1/26 and "Ron Harroom" on 1/29 will be absent (Ojisearch may be suspended). I'm sorry to all the listeners. 1/29 "Hitotema Radio !!" has already been recorded, so I think it will be broadcast as scheduled. I look forward to working with you."

My Hero Academia's sixth season is set to arrive from Studio Bones later this year in the fall, and with the adaptation of the War Arc set to be the major storyline of these upcoming episodes, expect a major performance from Suwabe considering the big role that Aizawa has in this battle between the heroes and villains of UA Academy. With Shigaraki now running a force that is over one hundred thousand members strong in the Paranormal Liberation Front, it's all hands on deck as both students and teachers will be on the front lines.

Our thoughts are with Junichi Suwabe and his loved ones during this difficult time.