My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up Aizawa's Most Important Save

Eraserhead is one of the most complex characters in Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen franchise, My Hero Academia, with the current UA teacher having a tragic past involving his best friend Oboro and years spent acting as a vigilante stalking the streets. With the current spin-off series of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes showing new sides to Aizawa throughout its pages, the latest arc might be giving Eraserhead the opportunity to clutch redemption following his inability to save the life of his friend from a fate worse than death.

In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, the crime fighters are attempting to protect the city known as Naruhata and Eraserhead is hurling himself directly into the fight, with his Quirk most likely set to be a major factor in saving lives. With the teacher of UA Academy having a power that allows him to negate the Quirk of others, he might be able to halt the fiery powers that are besieging the populace. In the main series, we've witnessed Eraserhead have to overcome some wild challenges over the course of the series, but in Vigilantes, we've seen the tragic origin he had as he grew up into the hero he would soon become.

When Aizawa's early years were featured in Vigilantes, we were able to see a new side of the former vigilante turned homeroom teacher in the halls of UA, wherein he had an affinity for cats and was looking to open his own agency alongside his best friends, Present Mic and Oboro Shirakumo. Unfortunately, during a mission, Aizawa was unable to save the life of his friend Oboro and his dreams of opening a crime-fighting agency with his best friends were shattered. Now, fighting alongside Crawler and the other heroes in this past battle, Eraserhead might be able to find redemption in fighting against these fiery creations. 

My Hero Academia is slated to return with its sixth season later this fall, which will adapt the story of the War Arc to the anime adaptation, and rest assured, Eraserhead is set to play a significant role that will alter the future of the UA teacher forever.

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