My Hero Academia Teases Major Crawler Power Up

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is continuing on through what increasingly seems to be the final arc of the spin-off manga as Pop Step has now been completely taken over by Queen Bee and has been labeled as a villain following a destructive showcase in Naruhata. This means Koichi Haimawari (who fights as the vigilante hero, "The Crawler")is now gearing himself up to go and save her from this terrible future, and has teamed up with a few others in order to train himself in Knucklduster's former base and make sure he's going to be strong enough to do so.

While updating them on his current abilities so far, Koichi also demonstrates his energy beam attack the Shooty-Go-Blam. Interestingly enough, it hasn't been too effective as an attack thus far because he's been deliberately holding back in order to to keep from drawing too much attention during his vigilante work. But even more surprisingly, he's been holding back because of Pop Step.

As he tests out the Shooty-Go-Blam, he's criticized in the fact that's not too strong and asked to use it at full power. It's here he has a flashback to a conversation he had with Kazuho (Pop Step) in which he asks for permission as to when he can use it. She initially denies it because he doesn't have a license to do so, and lacks precise control to effectively use it as a way to stun or distract villains.


Then Koichi devises a way to test this based on how she reacts to how much power he channels into it. He's been holding back this entire time because of her, but to save her he now needs to use the Shooty-Go-Blam at full power. It's here he teases a major power-up for it as he channels all of his energy into a single point in his palm while noting that his shots can fly even faster and farther than ever before.

To save Kazuho from Number 6, Koichi is going to go all out in this upcoming fight. He's got to train, and the Shooty-Go-Blam will get even stronger from here. What are you hoping to see from Koichi's new take on his special move? What do you think of his current level so far? What do you think Koichi and Kazuho's future will be as My Hero Academia: Vigilantes seems to come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!