My Hero Academia's Creator Reveals New Art To Celebrate The Arrival Of World Heroes Mission

In Japan, fans of My Hero Academia are getting ready to dive into the world of the third movie of [...]

In Japan, fans of My Hero Academia are getting ready to dive into the world of the third movie of the Shonen franchise, World Heroes Mission, as the film is hitting theaters in the East, and the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, has released a new sketch to celebrate. Featuring Midoriya and All Might side by side, alongside a new character to the series, Horikoshi knows how to celebrate in style and give fans plenty of artwork to help ring in new events that take place in the world of Deku, Class 1-A, and the other heroes and villains of the series.

The third film is set to focus on the trio of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, three of the strongest young crime fighters in Class 1-A who have gotten the spotlight in the main series thanks to the Endeavor Agency Arc. With the new movie framing Deku for a crime he didn't commit, the young heroes will be teaming up with crime fighters young and old in an attempt to take down a nefarious new cult known as Humanize, that is seeking to eliminate Quirks from the world, believing them to be a blight on humanity.

Kohei Horikoshi shared the brand new artwork to celebrate the latest movie of the franchise, which has yet to receive a North American release date, but is sure to at least hit the small screen in the West considering the popularity of My Hero Academia around the world:

In the past, Horikoshi has gone on record stating that there could be as many as ten My Hero Academia in the future, but with the manga currently in its "end game," it will be interesting to see if these movies will exist following the conclusion of the story of UA Academy in both the television series and the manga. As the fifth season of the series is set to dive into the world of villains, the franchise is getting ready to take a dark turn.

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