Naruto Fan Brings the Pain with This Femme Akatsuki Cosplay

If you kept up with Naruto through the long haul, you know the series rotated its villains pretty [...]

If you kept up with Naruto through the long haul, you know the series rotated its villains pretty often. Guys like Orochimaru were a constant threat, but the arrival of the Akatsuki brought another level of danger to the Hidden Leaf Village. No one could have imagined the kind of damage which Pain caused, so one of the villain's fans has decided to honor his complicated legacy with a spot-on cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user leiraplays caught the attention of netizens with their take on Pain. The cosplayer decided to give the Akatsuki leader a femme makeover which suits the Rinnegan wielder.

As you can see below, the Naruto cosplay features Pain in their full costume, but this genderbent version has a few tweaks. The most obvious change comes with Pain's hair as the ninja is rocking soft orange locks now. The hair might not be practical in battle as Sakura proved years ago, but this feminine look certainly works for Pain.

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“Feel pain. Contemplate pain.⁣⁣ Accept pain. Know pain!⁣⁣ Those who do not know pain will never know what true peace is...⁣⁣ And now...⁣⁣ This world shall know pain.⁣⁣ Almighty Push... (Shinra Tensei).”⁣⁣ Pain, Naruto Shippuden 🖤⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Eye edit @picsart⁣ Piercings made by from TNT’s Creative Clay Compound⁣ ⁣ #naruto #narutoshippuden #narutocosplay #narutoshippudencosplay #blackcosplayer #29daysofblackcosplay #hispaniccosplayer #latinacosplayer 🇸🇻 #poccosplay #blackcosplayerhere #cosplayer #cosplaying #cosplaysidebyside #sidebysidecosplay #cosplayvscharacter #cosplaying #paincosplay #anime #manga #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplays #makeup #cosplaymakeup #selfie #animememes #cosplayingwhileblack #blackcosplayersrock #blackcosplay #cosplayers

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The rest of the Naruto cosplay is pretty spot-on from the piercings to the rouge non headband. The only piece of the cosplay needed post-production work is Pain's Rinnegan... but that is par for the course. Aesthetic contacts have come a long way, but it would be a painful experience wearing lenses that large!

With this cosplay in the bag, leiraplays has earned themselves some deserved praise, and it has others thinking ahead to their next convention look. After all, the Akatsuki cloak is an easy one to rock, and a bit of styling can turn an average cosplay into something special like this one.

What do you make of this impressive Naruto makeover? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!