Naruto Cliffhanger Puts Another Boruto Life on the Line

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest chapter has put another big Boruto character's life on the line! There's a deadly chess game being played right now, between the ninja of Naruto's Hidden Leaf Village and the last remaining faction of the Kara organization. That chess game has seen Shikamaru and former Kara scientist Amado lure Isshiki Otsutsuki's disciple, the killer cyborg Code, into Hidden Leaf for capture. Unfortunately, Code had his own move to play, by bringing his powerful ally Ada along with him. Nobody was ready for that play, and in Boruto Chapter 70, the game ends with some drastic turns of fate! 

(WARNING: Boruto Chapter 70 SPOILERS Follow!) 

In Boruto CHapter 70, we pick up from the cliffhanger of Ada's grand entrance into Hidden Leaf, to help save Code from Shikamaru and Amado's trap. Shikamaru offered Ada a deal: join Hidden Leaf, rather than staying with Kara, an organization that kept her cryogenically frozen in fear of her power. Ada employs her dojutsu technique, the Senrigan, to look at the entirety of Hidden Leaf's world, in consideration of the offer. 

Ultimately the chess game breaks down into violence, as Code threatens Amado's life to get his final power restraints released; Kawaki comes dashing into the fight, and Ada refuses the offer to switch sides and makes her escape (nearly killing Shikamaru in the process). Shikamaru's operation truly backfires when Code makes the last-second move of snatching Amado and tossing him through one of Code's signature teleportation tracks, escaping with the Kara scientist as a hostage. 

Back in Code and Ada's layer, Amado has no hope of holding out against torture; Code convinces him to give the verbal command to release the power dampeners holding back the psycho cyborg's true potential. There's a big puff of smoke, and out of it steps the power-enhanced Code. 


Before Amado unlocked Code's powers, the two struck a deal that Amado could live – not surprisingly, Code doesn't turn out to be honorable to his word. In order to torture and interrogate Amado, Code had stabbed a hole through Amado's shoulder; after his powers are unlocked, Code offers the "noble help" of putting Amado down, in order to stop his suffering. 

We could take the cliffhanger ending of Boruto Chapter 70 at face value, and assume Code chops down Amado in cold blood. Then again, we don't buy it at all. It's hard to believe that Amado doesn't have a failsafe to rest on – like instantly shutting down Code's powers if the killer cyborg doesn't honor his word on mercy. 

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