Naruto's Kisame Breaks Out in This Killer Fem Cosplay

Naruto has welcomed its shared of villains over the years, but few stick out more than the elites [...]

Naruto has welcomed its shared of villains over the years, but few stick out more than the elites of the Akatsuki. The organization housed some of the gnarliest villains in all of Naruto, and Itachi was partnered with one of the worst. After all, Kisame is know throughout the Ninja World for his bloodthirsty attitude, and one cosplay felt it was time to give the baddie his own killer fem cosplay!

Kisame was one of the "Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist" and often referred to as the "Monster of the Hidden Mist" even before he joined the Akatsuki. Partnered alongside Itachi Uchiha, he first appeared when the brother of Sasuke appeared in the original series in order to see how strong Sasuke had become and make an attempt at capturing Naruto for the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox that laid within him. Kisame lived up to his reputation as one of the deadliest swordsmen in the world with his sword, Samehada, which looked more like a block of fins and also had the added benefit of being sentient when wielded by this member of the Akatsuki.

Instagram Cosplayer Hey Its Xen shared this unique take on the sword-wielding member of the Akatsuki who eventually found himself pitted against Naruto and Yamato, deciding to take his own life in order to keep the secrets of his comrades hidden from the Ninja World:

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While the Akatsuki are often thought of as the best villains to be introduced in Masashi Kishimoto's Shonen franchise, the Kara Organization is looking to do what they ultimately could not in destroying the Hidden Leaf Village and capturing the chakra of the world for the Otsutsuki. As the new ninja Kawaki attempts to integrate within the peaceful village of Konoha, things have changed astronomically since the original series first dragged anime fans into the world of Naruto.

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