Naruto's Baryon Debut Paid Homage to a Classic Battle

The war between Konoha and the Kara Organization has come to a head with the leader of the latter, Jigen, attempting to take the body of Kawaki in order to extend his life, which is rapidly dwindling following his insane battle with fellow Kara member, Kashin Koji. Though Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the sequel series to Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, the current iteration of the Shonen franchise is going to great lengths to pay homage to the events of its past, with the battle between Naruto and Isshiki pulling from one of the biggest battles of the Seventh's life.

In combating the strongest member of the Kara Organization, Naruto has been forced to tap into the power of his "Baryon Mode", a transformation that employs the full power of the Nine-Tailed Fox but will have disastrous consequences for the current head of the Hidden Leaf Village. Though Naruto is joined by Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki in this battle to determine the fate of the Ninja World, it's clear that the battle between the Seventh and Jigen will most likely determine the fate of the world. The Kara Arc is close to coming to an end and rest assured, the Shonen series will never be the same.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 compared the latest battle between Naruto and Jigen, showing that the battle between Kara and Konoha has more than a few qualities with the original battle between Naruto and Sasuke, which resulted in the Uchiha leaving the Hidden Leaf Village and setting himself on a very different path:

Currently, the manga has seen the return of creator Masashi Kishimoto in a writing role, shifting the players of the sequel series while throwing in some major casualties for both sides. Though the anime has caught up to the events taking place in the manga at a frantic pace, fans of the anime might have to wait for some time to see more events from the printed story translated, simply to allow the manga to tell more stories in the ninja world. Rest assured, neither the anime nor the manga for Naruto seem to be ending any time soon.


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