New 'Code Geass' Film Shares English Trailer

In 2016 fans watched as Doge Geass celebrated its 10th anniversary, with the celebration causing a [...]

In 2016 fans watched as Doge Geass celebrated its 10th anniversary, with the celebration causing a return for the series. However, it has taken almost a year for that return to actually take place, with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection only being a short few months away.

However, before this, the franchise will have three movies being released, with the first premiering in Japan on October 21, while the next two are expected to be released in February and May 2018. With that said, fans have been eagerly waiting for the new trilogy and now the excitement has hit a new level, with the first English-subbed preview being released by Sunrise International.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Code Geass series then there is still time to catch up before the first film is released. This is Crunchyroll's synopsis for the Code Geass series:

"Seven years have passed since the Holy Empire of Britannia occupied Japan. The Japanese people were deprived of their name and freedom, now called Elevens and their country as simply "Area 11."

The trilogy will kick-off where the series last ended, where after the war the Britannian prince in Lelouch has been sent to Area 11 as a hostage. However, he is hiding his identity and is living his life as a student. Although, peace doesn't last long as he accidentally falls into a fight between resistance member and the Britainnian forces. Later Lelouch runs into a mysterious girl named C.C. and acquires the power to control anyone known as "Geass."

Code Geass

With this power, Lelouch decides to take down the Empire, which abandoned him and his sister. Now calling himself Zero, Lelouch wears a mask and leads the Black Knights who are an anti-Britannian resistance group. However, Lelouch has to fight against his old childhood friend, Suzaku Kururugi, who now wields the new weapon Lancelot and is the leader of the Britannian Forces.