Tokyo Olympics Will Likely Disrupt Several Anime Schedules

Despite a wave of protests against the Summer Olympic Games, the event is set to go down in Japan in a matter of days now. The global event, which was delayed from 2020 due to the pandemic, hopes to safely gather athletes from around the world to compete in their respective fields. But according to NHK, it seems the Olympics will have an unfortunate impact on anime schedules all through August.

The update comes from NHK directly as the national network laid out its schedule for Japan. The report gave netizens fair warning that a slew of anime titles will likely be delayed in light of the Olympics. So if you want a full rundown of the delay possibilities, you can find them below:

  • WASIMO (episodes on July 26-27, August 2-3)
    Ojarumaru (episodes on July 28-30, August 4-6, September 1, September 3)
    Nintama Rantaro (episodes on July 26-30, August 2-6, September 1, September 3)
    Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo (episodes on July 27, August 3, August 31)
    Uchu Nanchara Kotetsu-kun (episodes on July 28, August 4, August 25, September 1)
    Major 2nd (episodes on July 28, August 4, August 25, September 1)
    Oshiri Tantei (Butt Detective) (episodes on July 24, July 31, August 7, August 28, September 4)
    Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori (episodes on July 30, August 6, August 27, September 3)
    Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun (episode on August 28)
    Love Live! Superstar!! (episodes on July 25, August 1, August 29)

As you can see, some fan-favorite series are on this list. Wasimo and Love! Love! Superstar!! are just some of the shows that will most likely be impacted by the Olympics. And as the list notes, these delays will last from late July through the end of August. For now, NHK has said it is canceling the above airtimes given the schedule disruption, but they may be reinstated as the Summer Games continue.


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