One Piece Counts Down to Gear 5 Debut With Special Luffy Promo

One Piece counts down Luffy's Gear forms ahead of Gear 5 Luffy's anime debut in Episode 1071.

One Piece is getting ready for the anime debut of Luffy's next big form, and the One Piece anime is counting down to Gear 5 Luffy's introduction with a special promo showing off how far Monkey D. Luffy has come through the episodes so far! Luffy took a third and seemingly final loss to Kaido on the roof of Onigashima's Skull Dome with the previous episodes of the anime, and was even declared dead due to his heart stopping. But it was far from the end as this only kicked off Luffy's transformation into something much stronger. 

It was announced during One Piece Day 2023 earlier this Summer that Gear 5 Luffy would be coming to the One Piece anime with Episode 1071, and now that this new episode is finally here, One Piece is hyping up Luffy going to his next gear with a promo showing off each of Luffy's Gear forms seen in the anime so far. Gear 5 Luffy will be a much different transformation than all of these others, so it's the perfect way to see much Luffy has changed over the years. Check it out below: 

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1071

One Piece Episode 1071 is titled "Luffy's Peak – Attained! Gear Five" and will officially be streaming with Crunchyroll on Saturday, August 5 at 9PM (as long as schedule permits). Toei Animation's previous promo for One Piece Episode 1071 teases the episode as such, "An amusing heartbeat unleashed! Both his allies and enemies got involved and are astounded. Is that free and flexible power a ridiculous thing or a token of freedom?! Fortune comes in by a merry gate...of Nika. Here comes the Warrior of Liberation who transcends all imagination!" 

"I thought it would be difficult to do the laughing parts, so I tried to cut down on the laughter a little," One Piece director Tatsuya Nagamine admitted when getting Luffy's voice actor ready for Gear 5 in the anime. Thankfully, Mayumi Tanaka knocked it out of the park," But Ms. Mayumi Tanaka went above and beyond and gave us an amazing Gear 5 laugh. And the final result exceeded out expectations." 

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