One Piece Cast Resumes Recording Ahead of Anime's Comeback

One Piece has been off the air for several weeks now, but it seems as if the anime will launch a comeback before too long. A new report has surfaced which suggests the classic anime is slated to air new episodes starting this June. The rumors began after studios in Japan began showing off their social distancing measures, and One Piece was roped into the conversation after photos of the cast appeared online in their usual studio.

As collected by ScotchInformer over on Twitter, pictures of the One Piece cast in the studio began to surface on social media over the weekend. The pictures came from the anime's sound techs who have been designing ways to arrange recording booths so they adhere to social distancing measures. It seems those methods have worked enough to warrant the return of One Piece's cast, and they are back in folds.

As you can see below, the photos taken show the cast of One Piece as they reunited online with a video chat. The actors are all happy to see each other amidst their quarantines, and the next photos take the actors from the screen and into the real world as they meet face to face.

With each actor wearing masks, the stars of One Piece have reunited as they get back to work. Recording dialogue will not be as usual given the social distancing requirements hanging over them, but the stars can get back to business. This means work is slowly getting underway on episodes as One Piece tries to get a back stock of them back under its feet. Once that happens, fans expect for One Piece to head back on air ASAP, so netizens think a mid-June comeback is not out of the picture.

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