One Piece Fan Finds Way to Print Ace's Devil Fruit

One Piece is currently exploring the arc of Wano Country, and though Ace has been long dead in the series after saving his brother Luffy's life, the story line found a way to bring him back with a well placed flashback and one fan has perfectly recreated the Devil Fruit that gave the flaming swashbuckler his powers. As technology has marched forward, it has opened up the world to fan creations when it comes to recreating aspects of the world of anime, with this fan in particular using 3-D printing to bring the Mera Mera Nomi to life!

Ace was shown in the earlier chapters of the Wano Arc making a trip to the isolated nation earlier in his life, as Luffy attempts to honor the memory of his brother by freeing the country from the tyrannical grasp of the Shogun Orochi and the Beast Pirates led by Kaido. The Devil Fruit that Ace ingested gave him the powers to manipulate and produce some serious flame, becoming a hot head in more ways than one. Gaining the moniker of "Fire Fist Ace", Ace's powers were especially ironic because, like Luffy, he didn't have the ability to swim despite his chosen profession as a swashbuckler sailing the high seas.

Reddit Fan Artist GansoElegabte shared this perfect recreation of the Devil Fruit that gave Ace the ability to manipulate flames that would pour out of his body, but weren't enough to save himself from a sacrifice that was required to save the life of his brother Luffy:

I got a 3D printer. This was necesary from r/OnePiece

Devil Fruits have been an instrumental factor in the story of One Piece, giving both pirates and the military a number of bizarre powers that they have been able to use in their battles against one another. Though some powers are far stronger than others, Ace's was definitely unique and fit well with his personality and quest to become one of the greatest pirates that the world has ever seen. Though we doubt Ace will be getting a resurrection prior to the finale of the franchise, his legacy clearly lives on in the minds and hearts of fans of the series.

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