One Piece Goes Back to Basics with Luffy-Zoro Tag Team

The story of One Piece and the isolated nation of Wano has shown Luffy and his band of Straw Hat [...]

The story of One Piece and the isolated nation of Wano has shown Luffy and his band of Straw Hat Pirates sneaking within the head quarters of Kaido and his Beast Pirates, and with the latest chapter, has given us a familiar team up between Monkey and Zoro that shows the power of these swashbuckling partners. With the Straw Hat Pirates teaming up with members of the Worst Generation and the Vassals of Oden, Luffy's personality and short temper has once again caused things to go awry as a team up with Monkey and the green haired swordsman has become essential!

Warning! If you haven't caught up on the latest chapter of One Piece, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some spoilers for the recent installment of the Wano Arc!

With the Straw Hat Pirates being given new outfits to blend in seamlessly with the Beast Pirates thanks in part to Kinnemon's ability, their infiltration was blown sky high as Luffy was unable to keep his cool after seeing the Wano pirates eating to their hearts content while "Tama's stomach is empty". Luffy unleashes one of his trademark attacks in the form of his "Gum Gum Elephant Gum". With this attack unleashed, the Straw Hats' cover is blown and a brand new tactic has to be taken in terms of overthrowing Orochi and bringing the fight directly to Kaido.

With Luffy's colleagues being unable to hold back their rage, they scramble to think of new ways to continue the plan as Beast Pirates begin becoming wise to the infiltration. Zoro enters the scene and chews out Monkey, only to join him after discovering that their opponents had "spilled the oshiruko". The two swashbucklers teamed up and began making their way through the Beast Pirates, a tactic that they discover is far tougher than they had originally thought thanks to many of them having ingested Smile Fruit.

Luffy and Zoro have teamed up before during the Wano Arc, but considering they were separated for two years as a result of the time skip and the training that they had underwent, it's always a welcome sight to see them side by side once again!

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