One Piece Reveals Sanji's Look at 40 and 60 in New Sketch

If there is one character you shouldn't cross on the seas, it is the person who oversees your meals. One Piece fans have learned that over the years thanks to Sanji given the pirate's unique personality. Sanji has been a source of comedy and angst since his debut back in the day, so fans can see how far the chef has come since he joined up with Luffy. And now, a new One Piece sketch has gone live showing how Sanji could look twenty and forty years down the line.

Recently, creator Eiichiro Oda gave fans a look at Sanji as an older man. The artwork was shown in the most recent SBS issue, and Oda carried on a tradition with this piece. After all, he has drawn several other Straw Hat members as adults, and Sanji looks fierce in his sketch.

As you can see above, there are four sketches floating around for Sanji. The top two show the pirate in a One Piece timeline where all things went well with his goals, but the bottom is not the case. It shows Sanji in a truly cursed timeline, and both versions picture the chef at 40- and 60-years-old.

Sanji looks downright dangerous in the top sketches as he closely resembles Shanks at 40. By the time the chef turns 60, he seems to have become the head cook of his dreams, and his bearded braid will remind fans of Sanji's old mentor at Baratie. As for the bottom sketches, Sanji lets himself go in his 40s only to bounce back at 60. However, the character's comeback mirrors that of his father, so we can only hope Sanji never ever dips a toe into this One Piece timeline.


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