One Piece Creator Teases the Arrival of Gear Fifth

One Piece is on a high these days thanks to the debut of its 1000th chapter, and things are only going up from here. Luffy and the Worst Generation have finally come face to face with Kaido as the War for Wano rages. It seems things are going to close before too long, but the gang has a ways to go before they can defeat Kaido. And according to the creator of One Piece, Luffy might unlock Gear Fifth before this is all over.

The surprising update came from Eiichiro Oda as the artist did a Q&A session with fans recently. The answers were given in the latest issue of SBS which dropped in Japan just recently, and thanks to SoulstormOP, fans were told about Oda's mention of Gear Fifth.

"Oda hints at the appearance of Gear 5th to defeat the most powerful creature in the world! His answer was comedic in nature but he still acknowledged it," the summary reads.

As you can imagine, this update was important for One Piece fans because Gear Fifth has never been mentioned before. The fandom has been vying for this new form ever since Gear Fourth made its debut. The upgrade has been theorized by fans to appear whenever Kaido comes around, and well - that time has come. The Yonko is on the front stage fighting to keep Wano under his thumb, but the Worst Generation is not having it. Luffy would be able to take on Kaido more evenly with Gear Fifth, but it seems like Oda isn't quite ready to bust out the power-up.

After all, Oda did reference Gear Fifth as a joke, and there is no way he would put this answer out if the power-up was on the horizon. It seems as if Oda is playing with the idea for now, but if fans are lucky, Luffy will begin working towards the new form before too long.


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