One Piece Introduces Major Big Mom Comeback

One Piece's anime is currently working its way through the second act of the Wano Country arc, and [...]

One Piece's anime is currently working its way through the second act of the Wano Country arc, and it could be quite a big reminder that the anime spent the better part of the last two years working its way through the Whole Cake Island arc. As Luffy and a few of the Straw Hats made their way to the island in order to retrieve Sanji from the terrible wedding he was forced to be a part of, fans were introduced to the gigantic threat that was Big Mom. But even with all of that, we never did get that final confrontation.

Unlike other villains in the series' past, Luffy didn't get a big battle with Big Mom and instead fought tooth and nail against her first in command, Charlotte Katakuri. Because of this, the threat of Big Mom still lingers out there and it's clear with the latest episode of the anime that Big Mom is now on her way to Wano to complicate things even more.

Episode 923 of the series ends with a major cliffhanger in which Big Mom was fighting her way through Wano's terrible seas that shipwrecked Luffy and the others at the start of the arc. Kaido was alarmed to find out that she was making her way there, and vows to kill her, and she's doing very much the same as she closes in on the island.

When we last saw Big Mom, she was angry with the news that Luffy was already being dubbed as the "fifth" Emperor of the seas because as far as she knows, Luffy didn't get a victory over her. There are still tons of questions as to what happened after Luffy got away, and what doesn't help matters is that it seems like the Charlotte Family is still completely intact.

We see Big Mom along with Daifuku, Smoothie, and several powerful members of the family on her ship, and they are all just as strong as they were during the Whole Cake Island arc. So it's not only Big Mom Luffy and the others have to worry about, but more of her family too. This is on top of every other threat from Kaido in the region too.

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