Netflix's One Piece Shares Update on Casting and Production Schedule

One Piece aims to be the King of Anime by the time its reign runs to a close, and it seems Netflix [...]

One Piece aims to be the King of Anime by the time its reign runs to a close, and it seems Netflix is eager to help the series conquer live-action as well. For those who do not know, the streaming site has plans to produce a live-action version of One Piece under the eye of creator Eiichiro Oda, and one of its executives is updating fans on the project at last.

Recently, Marty Adelstein spoke with SyFy Wire about the latest project Tomorrow Studios helped develop. Snowpiercer debuted not long ago to fan praise, but Adelstein has his eye on other projects. After all, Tomorrow Studios will oversee work on Netflix's Cowboy Bebop and One Piece. So if it were not for the COVID-19 outbreak, One Piece would be getting underway by August.

"We were supposed to start filming [One Piece] in August in Cape Town, South Africa. We anticipate the date being able to film [now is] September, at the latest," Adelstein explained.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

"We have basically all 10 scripts written. We will start casting when we go back. My suspicion is June 1, but we will start doing our casting. We have a lot of names that we're talking about, and we should be in production in September. We have been working very closely with Sensei Oda. So, we're going to get started, and this one is very big. I mean, Snowpiercer was a big production; this is even bigger."

As you can see, Adelstein has big ambitions for One Piece in terms of scale. Snowpiercer has been applauded for its sets and world building at just an episode in. One Piece will have even more to do on that front, but Oda-sensei is ensuring his story is treated with respect. It seems the creator is very involved with this live-action adaptation which is reassuring to fans. Hollywood might not have the best reputation with such projects, but if Oda-sensei works with Netflix, it seems Adelstein's show could turn the tides for anime adaptations.

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