One Piece Teases the Luffy Tag-Team We've Always Needed

One Piece's Wano Country arc has reached a whole new stage of the third act as the war between the rebels and Orochi and Kaido's forces are about to truly begin. Although it seemed like Orochi successfully was able to put a stop to the rebels by bombing all of their ships thanks to the info received by a surprising traitor, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats were able to escape harm as the entire rebel army has gathered to make a final stand. This also means we'll be seeing an equally as surprising new tag team.

Chapter 975 begins the fight between the two sides, but Luffy's side has two other powerful captains that he's allied himself with over the course of the arc. Luffy had already formed an alliance Law to take down the Emperors, but during his stay at Udon Prison Luffy had grown closer to Eustass Kid. Now the three of them are about to kick off quite the unlikely, and hilarious tag team.

As the chapter reveals, the three captains are fairly headstrong as to what they will do compared to the others. Which means that all of them each want to take down Kaido's entire fleet of ships on their own, and this is doubly so considering all they have went through during the Wano arc already. The three of them each jump onto the ship while arguing with one another, and getting in each other's way.

Then activating their strongest forms with Luffy's Gear Fourth Bounce Man, Kid's Punk Rotten, and Law using his Room attack, they instantly take out a ship with a single unified blow. But they're still not entirely working with one another as they continue to argue as they destroy ships. It's going to be interesting to see how they continue to get in each other's way throughout the rest of the arc.


It's a new team up from three members of the Worst Generation, and although Kaido and Big Mom have formed a powerful alliance of their own, the momentum is clearly building in the Supernovas' favor. But as Luffy continues to fight with his headstrong new alliances who are all nearly on the same level as he is, the war for the Wano Country could go either way.

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