One Piece Stuns With Luffy and Yamato's Tag Team Attack

One Piece stunned with Luffy and Yamato's impressive tag team attack with the newest chapter of Eiichiro Oda's original manga series! The War on Onigashima is reaching its climax and the final fights of the Wano Country arc are finally taking shape. After being beaten by Kaido a second time and plunging into the sea, Luffy has been fighting to make his way back to the floating Skull Dome in order to take on Kaido a third time. The previous chapter of the series saw Luffy enlist the help of a now adult Momonosuke Kozuki to pull this off as well. 

The newest chapter of the series picks up right after this as Luffy and the now fully adult Momo are making their way back up to the floating Onigashima. With Momo successfully getting Luffy back to the top of the Skull Dome after hilariously tearing his way through Kaido's castle below, Luffy and Yamato reunited back at the roof and both landed a powerful blow on Kaido for a pretty stunning tag team attack that showcases just how well the two of them could work together in a much fuller capacity. 

Chapter 1025 of the series sees Luffy and Momo make their way back to the top of the dome after some struggling, and Luffy spots Kaido and Yamato while in the sky. The two of them are still fighting against one another as Yamato has pulled out all kinds of tricks and abilities to stand strong against his father, but Luffy comes in just in time. Just as Yamato begins channeling Divine Swiftness White Serpent into their club, Luffy gets right back into Gear Fourth and busts out his Snake Man Jet Culverin move. Meaning the two of their attacks hit right at the same time. 


This leads to an adorable reunion in which Luffy thanks Yamato for holding off Kaido for them this entire time, and Yamato sees the person they want to sail away with. Fans have been thinking that Yamato would be joining the Straw Hat crew as a full member next, and attacks like this show off the kind of potential the two of them can have together. But it remains to be seen in future chapters, so what do you think? How did you like Luffy and Yamato's tag team? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!