One Piece Unleashes Momo's Full Dragon Form

One Piece fully unleashing Momonosuke Kozuki's adult-sized dragon form with the newest chapter of Eiichiro Oda's manga series! As the War on Onigashima continues through its climax, the final slate of battles are starting to take shape. One of the most curious has been how Luffy planned to take on Kaido for his third round because he needed Momonosuke's help in order to fly back up to the top of the Skull Dome. But in order to help his friend and biggest ally, Momonosuke actually took quite the big risk when we had last seen him. 

When we last got a look at Momonosuke's human self, he was requesting Shinobu to use her Ripe-Ripe fruit power to age up his body 20 years. This would leave his mind still like his child self, but would give him the stronger body necessary to not only unleash a much stronger version of his dragon Devil Fruit transformation, but would finally give him the strength to take flight as he hoped he could. With the newest chapter, we see just that with surprisingly appropriately hilarious results. 

The previous chapter's cliffhanger gave fans the first look at Momonosuke's full dragon form now that he's been successfully aged up 20 years, and Chapter 1025 picks up right after this as Luffy urges him to fly. Momo's still very much the same scared child he was before and can't quite pick himself up off the ground Shinobu can only look on with a blank face as the young Kozuki argues with Luffy over his fear of heights, but soon he makes good on his promise and takes off into the sky. 

He does so with his eyes closed, however, and soon starts crashing his way through the various floors of the Skull Dome. Luffy hangs on for dear life as Momo still tears his way through the inside of the Skull Dome (still with his eyes closed). Everyone looks on in surprise as Luffy rides through on a giant dragon, but soon eventually Dragon Momo does make it into the sky above the Skull Dome's roof. It's here that Luffy and Momo confront Kaido (now also in his dragon form) directly, and kicking off the final battle for Wano in full. 


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