One Piece Unveils Wano's New Name

The power structure of Wano Country has taken a serious detour from what we knew when the latest story arc of One Piece began so many chapters ago in the franchise's manga, and with this new shift in the isolated nation comes a brand new name for Wano Country. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates were already in over their heads when it came to fighting the likes of Kaido, Big Mom, the Beast Pirates, and the forces of the Shogun Orochi, but now, it seems as if things have become even more dangerous with the nation's new name.

Warning! If you haven't caught up with the manga for One Piece, you might want to avoid the rest of this article as we will be diving into some BIG spoiler territory for the Wano Country Arc of the series!

Orochi has died. Pulling what might be one of the biggest betrayals in the history of anime, Kaido, leader of the Beast Pirates and easily one of the strongest pirates sailing the Grand Line, decapitated the Shogun of Wano Country, and in doing so has taken the reins of the isolated nation. With Orochi having left the world of the living thanks to Kaido's sword, the country has a new Shogun with the head of the Beast Pirates, and the swashbuckler who has the ability to transform into a dragon has a new name for Wano.

One Piece Wano New Name
(Photo: Viz Media)

Kaido declares to those listening, including his followers and the followers of Orochi alike, that Wano Country will now be called "New Onigashima" but rather than taking the reins of the country himself, the captain of the Beast Pirates names his offspring Yamato as the new Shogun. This of course might be tricky for Yamato to accomplish considering the fact that Yamato has seemingly joined up with Monkey D. Luffy and the other crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

With Orochi no longer being an element within Wano, it is definitely going to be interesting to see how the isolated nation will wrap its storyline now that Kaido and Big Mom have taken charge. As Luffy and the rebels of Wano continue their attempt to free the country free of Kaido's iron fist, events have definitely changed with this big loss and new name for Wano!


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