One Piece Teases the Government's Terrifying New Power

One Piece tells an epic pirate's tale like none other, and there are plenty of sailors to keep track of after all these years. From the Straw Hats and beyond, there are hundreds if not thousands of pirates in One Piece, but there are others sailing the Grand Line. The Marines have been a thorn to so many pirates over the years, and thanks to a recent chapter, fans have reason to believe the authorities are stronger than they believed.

Recently, One Piece chapter 985 went live, and it was there fans were inundated with info. The shocking chapter not only killed off a major baddie out of nowhere, but it followed Kaido as the Yonko told the people about an encroaching threat from the Navy.

"The world has churned into motion!! The Seven Warlords were not disbanded because of some mad whim of the government. It is a sign of confidence that Navy Headquarters has a new force capable of stopping us," the Beasts Pirates captain shared.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

"But while the World Government grows arrogant, we have decided to join hands with the Big Mom Pirates to seize the greatest power in this world, the Ancient Weapons!"


Up until now, One Piece fans had reason to believe the government was up to something, but there is no way they could have guessed it was this. The previous manga arc promised the Navy was up to something when Sabo and the Revolutionary Army decided to spy on a major meeting of the world powers. The disbandment of the Seven Warlords only added evidence to the argument, and Kaido is convinced by the signs. That is why the Yonko decided to call a truce with Big Mom for their alliance, and the pair are gunning for the One Piece to show the authorities who's really in charge. As you can imagine, that doesn't bode well for the Grand Line, and Luffy is not about to let the pair get the jump on his treasure!

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