One Piece Cliffhanger Welcomes Back a Surprise Heroine

One Piece is in the midst of a big war, and there is no telling when how the ordeal will end. The manga has edged towards the War for Wano throughout the past year, and it kicked off the event this summer. Things are far away from closing as Wano is still thick in turmoil, but the recent arrival of one heroine could change things for the rebels in the best way.

Recently, chapter 995 of One Piece made fans go wild after its final page welcomed back an important heroine. Tama was reintroduced to fans after being missing for quite some time, and she came back in the perfect way. After all, she barged into battle just before Nami and Usopp could be killed by some of Kaido's best fighters, and she came with backup.

One Piece Luffy New Haki Teacher Hyogoro Wano Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Yes, that is right. Tama is back in the game, and she brought Komachiyo with her. The massive dog is ready to fight anyone who might hurt their master, and Tama is surely about to make even more allies. After all, her Devil Fruit power is a unique one that can tame those who have eaten SMILE fruits, and those sorts of fighters make up most of Kaido's forces.

If you need to reflect on the situation for a bit, it is simple. Tama has the ability to made dango from her body that can tame animals. Any animal or person who has become part animal by eating a SMILE fruit can be affected. This means those who have eaten the dango become loyal to Tama, and that puts the Smilers and Gifters at a huge disadvantage. So if the rebels use Tama's powers right, they can not only wipe out Kaido's force but turn the soldiers against their master with ease.


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