One Piece Is Ready to Get Revenge for Pedro's Death

One Piece knows what it takes to make fans weep, and it has used that knowledge time and again. From happy tears to sad ones, there are plenty of ways to make the fandom emotion. Of course, any death can spark those emotions, and fans were nearly inconsolable after the death of Pedro. But at long last, it seems like revenge is on its way for the mink.

Recently, One Piece gave fans hope for such a turnaround when chapter 995 went live. There are only a handful of chapters left until the manga hits the big 1,000 milestone, so some big arcs are in play. For one, it seems Carrot and Wanda are ready to avenge their comrade, but Perospero wants none of it.

The trio are reunited in this latest chapter as Perospero shows up to back Big Mom. Her ally is asked to kill Marco, but his shot is interrupted when Carrot and Wanda show up. The pair are transformed into their Sulong forms already, and they make it clear they want revenge for Pedro.

"That idiot blew himself up! You're taking it out on the wrong man," Big Mom's lackey tells the two.

Of course, he is right. Perospero was not the person who pulled the trigger on Pedro, but he did for the hero's hand. Pedro killed himself in an explosion to help the Straw Hats escape from Perospero who was on their tail. The baddie might not have killed Pedro directly, but he forced the jaguar mink's hand. And for that, Wanda and Carrot are out for blood. The only question is whether the Sulong heroines can make Perospero pay or whether Pedro would even want the girls to bloody themselves for his sake.


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