One Piece Gives the Sulongs a Gorgeous Comeback

One Piece's newest chapter gives the Sulongs a gorgeous and much needed comeback. The war for Wano Country is now in full swing at Onigashima and the newest few chapters of the series have been spent establishing the various fights that we will see through the rest of the arc. While most of the Sulongs chose to fight against Kaido and Jack directly on the top of the dome, Carrot and Wanda had their attention drawn elsewhere when Carrot spotted Perospero from across the way. Seeking revenge for Pedro's death, we had last seen Carrot running towards the Charlotte Family member.

The newest chapter of the series starts by revisiting the fight between Big Mom and Marco, and the two of them are fighting on nearly equal footing. Seeing his mother in trouble, Perospero tries to intervene from the side. But while he's posturing about wanting to kill Marco in a different way, Carrot and Wanda arrive in their Sulong forms to deal a big blow to the Charlotte Family pirate.

Chapter 995 of the series sees Perospero trying to grandstand killing Marco, but before he gets to finish remarking about how ironic this type of death will be for the former Whitebeard crew member, Carrot and Wanda strike Perospero right in the face. Perospero falls bloodied to the ground, and Carrot confirms to Wanda that he is the one who killed Pedro.

One Piece Carrot Wanda Sulongs Comeback Fight Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Perospero tries to note how Pedro blew himself up (which is technically true), but Carrot pays him no mind. Although she's sad over Pedro's death, she realizes that his death back then is what helped bring the Sulongs to this new fight on Wano as they must keep moving forward. Big Mom and Marco's attentions are turned elsewhere, so not Carrot and Wanda are poised to finally get the vengeance for Pedro that they deserve following the events of the Whole Cake Island arc.


The fight at Onigashima has been folding in unexpected ways as many plots through not only the Wano arc, but many of the threads hanging from before. It goes to show how they were all preambles to this major battle, so there is no real telling what could be coming next in this massive war. What do you think of Carrot and Wanda's attack on Perospero? Ready for them to get their revenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!