One Piece Creator Already Knows How The Series Will End

Keeping up with One Piece is hard. For some, following the antics of Captain Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates is basically a full-time job. Eiichiro Oda first created the series back in July 1997, and there is still no end in sight. Other manga titles like Bleach and Naruto have come and gone in the time One Piece has been in print, but Oda says there is still much for Luffy to do. If the hero wants to become the King of Pirates, he will have several more trials to endure before that happens. However, there will be an end; That much is certain.

After all, Oda already knows exactly how the series will end.

In the past, Oda has said he keeps the ending to One Piece close to heart, but the artist admits he knows how Luffy's story will ultimately end. Most recently, Fuji TV announcer Daijirō Enami confirmed Oda has everything mapped out already when One Piece Film: Gold debuted in Japan.

During an interview with Oda, Enami said the artist said he already knows what the manga's last panel will look like. The creator gave a hard "yes" when he was asked whether he knew how the story would end. "It's very cool," Oda assured him.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

For now, there is no telling how long it will take for One Piece fans to learn about the series' ending for themselves. Recently, Oda gave an update on the manga's status and said it was only about 65% complete. At the rate it's going, One Piece may very well have another decade left before its ending creeps up on fans. So, until then, it looks like patience will need to be exercised by all.