One Piece Editor Says Chapter 986 Made Them Weep

UPDATE: A new report has clarified the editors were most likely referring to chapter 987 rather than 986.

One Piece grows closer to hitting its 1,000th chapter by the week, and each update leading up to the milestone has been delicious. The ongoing Wano arc has come a long way since it began, and it promises to kick off a big war shortly. In honor of the series' anniversary, the team behind One Piece reached out recently to honor the manga, and it was there one editor told fans to grab tissues for chapter 986.

Earlier today, One Piece's publishing team gathered to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the series. One of the participants was Takano Ken, one of the current editors working with Eiichiro Oda. It was there Takano said he's seen chapter 986, and it made him cry.

The information was relayed by sandman_AP, a fan-translator and news source for all things One Piece. They told followers. "Takano revealed in live streaming that he was moved to tears after he read the next chapter. It was the first time for him to shed tears since he became OP editor."


As you can guess, fans were quick to pick up on the comment. It isn't every day One Piece makes someone cry, but any chapter that invokes such emotion is always welcome. The only question is whether the tears are happy or sad. Takano did not share any further information on the next chapter, so One Piece fans will have to wait in suspense until it debuts.


Still, they are starting to brace themselves. One Piece isn't afraid to kill off characters when their time has come. Most of the rebels have engaged in a battle by now, so anything could happen. And with that in mind, you can see why tissues will be a must-have when chapter 986 goes live.

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