One Piece Stuns Fans with a Major Villain's Death

One Piece isn't afraid to kill off characters, but fans normally have a good idea when such an [...]

One Piece isn't afraid to kill off characters, but fans normally have a good idea when such an execution will take place. Aside from a few gut-wrenching deaths, most of the characters who die in the series are telegraphed way in advance. But in the most recent chapter of One Piece, fans were blown away when one major villain was killed out of nowhere.

So you have been warned ahead of time! If you have not read chapter 985 of One Piece, there are massive spoilers below:

If you were one of the many who checked out this new chapter, you will know things got out of hand very quickly. The update began easily enough as the Kozuki samurai took on their first battle after arriving on the island, but things took a turn when Kaido and Big Mom made their much-awaited announcement. It was there fans discovered the pair's reason for forming an alliance, and it topped off with Kaido beheading Orochi before his men.

one piece death
(Photo: Shueisha)

So yes, you read that right. Orochi was killed out of nowhere towards the end of chapter 985. While fans expected the Beasts Pirates leader to turn on the shogun, fans did not expect it to happen so soon. After all, none of the rebels got to have a face-to-face with the deranged ruler, and Kaido seems to have taken that chance from them.

While there is always a chance One Piece may walk this death back, it looks pretty permanent to fans. Not only is the leader's severed head shown off, but chapter 985 gives a clear look at his body. Kaido and Big Mom are overjoyed to see Orochi dead before them, so the shogun's followers are left to decide their fates now. The Yonko tell the men they can either join the pirate alliance or die. And without Orochi there to protect them, the sniveling henchmen are likely to join Kaido while the rebels figure out their next move.

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