This One Piece Shirt Is Almost Too Upsetting to Be Real

One Piece has had some dark moments, and they tend to live on in infamy. Few of the story's beats exemplifies this better than the death of Ace. In the earlier days of the anime, fans watched as Luffy's older brother was killed during the War of Marineford. And thanks to one piece of merchandise, you can pay homage to that pivotal moment in the most upsetting way.

Over on Reddit, fans were shown the shocking merch after it appeared on Facebook to one user. The shirt seems to have been available on sites like Red Bubble at one point, and it imagines Luffy's POV of the moment Ace was struck through by Akainu.

The shirt, that can be seen below, is still upsetting even after all these years. It has been some time since Ace died, but this shirt proves fans aren't over it just yet. After all, Ace played a huge part in the story thanks to his impact on Luffy alone, and fans were heartbroken to lose the boy before he got to explore his true power.

Great merch this is... from r/OnePiece

That is why it would be hard for fans to wear a shirt like this. After all, it puts a hole through their torso in the same place Ace did. When you wear the shirt, it looks as if Akainu punched through you, and the bloody hole is censored ever so slightly to avoid too much gore. On the other end of the hole, One Piece fans can see Akainu looking smug with his fiery fist clenched before him, so this scene is what Luffy would have seen before him the moment Ace took his deadly blow.


As you can imagine, fans were taken aback when this shirt showed up on Reddit, so there is no telling what they would do if they saw someone wearing this out in the real world. You cannot rule out tears as a possibility, and no one would think less of a person for it.

Do you think you would ever rock a One Piece shirt like this? Or would it hurt too much? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!