One Piece Sees Momonosuke Take His Biggest Stand Yet

One Piece's newest episode capped off with Momonosuke Kozuki taking his biggest stand in the anime yet! When we were first introduced to Momonosuke during the events of the Punk Hazard arc, it was a major surprise to find that he was actually one of the most important characters in the franchise overall by the time we find out who he really is. This is because most of his time on-screen to that point have been spent highlighting his flaws and kooky nature. But with the war for Wano Country quickly approaching in the anime, Momonosuke had to take center stage himself.

The newest episode of the series continues the fallout in Udon prison after it went into pure chaos thanks to Luffy and Big Mom. With Luffy successfully raising the spirits of the prisoners with a rousing speech, there was still that final piece of the puzzle needed to get this massive army of rebels to fight on his side. That's when Momonosuke needed to jump into action.

Episode 950 of the series shows that while Luffy is still managing to hold on after infecting himself with Queen's plague, there's still some more work to be done to rouse the prisoners of Wano. It's revealed that they were all put in the prison for rebelling against Orochi, but even after seeing what Luffy had done, they still don't believe they can fight Kaido and Orochi's army.

Luffy realizes that the people need to hear from Momonosuke himself, and thus pushes him out into the crowd. While the young Kozuki heir is indeed as frightened as you would expect, he sees how much the prisoners there respect him. Digging deep within himself and how much he's overcome, he delivers a huge speech. He tells them about how Luffy and his crew helped deliver he and Akazaya Nine back to Wano, and they are the allies the people of Wano had been hoping for.


Having gone through all of this, Momonosuke Kozuki declares his dream to reclaim Wano and this brings tears to all of their eyes. While they had the desire to defeat Orochi and Kaido, they needed that dream of the future for after the war. They needed a hope worth fighting for, and Momonosuke himself is ready to take this next step too.

What did you think of Momonosuke's big speech in One Piece's newest episode? Do you think he's ready to lead the country after the war comes to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!