One Piece Teases a Big Yonko Reunion in New Promo

One Piece is nearing a big milestone in print as its 1,000th chapter draws nearer by the week, and the anime is on a mission of its own. The show is expected to turn its focus away from Luffy's prison escapades shortly, and fans are eager to know what comes next for the anime. Thanks to a new set of synopses, a great many of those questions have been answered, and one such blurb teases a big reunion for two Yonko.

Recently, four new blurbs went live for the next episodes of One Piece. Twitter user NoxDRaz was quick to translate the synopses into English, and the description of episode 952 is rather interested. After all, the episode title calls out two Yonko in particular, and its blurb confirms Big Mom and Kaido are on a collision course.

One Piece Kaido Figure
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"On the other hand, Big Mom, who was captured by Queen, was taken to Onigashima where Kaido is. Her Devil Fruit's ability is blocked by chains made of [sea stone]," the synopsis reads.

As you can imagine, Big Mom is more than peeved following his fight at the Udon Prison Camp. She showed Queen a fraction of her true power, but things got wonky when her memory started coming back. With her amnesia wearing off fully, Big Mom will be presented before Kaido after her crew was prevented from entering Wano so long ago. The question that remains is whether the meeting will go smoothly or if Onigashima is about to become ground zero for the pair.


After all, Big Mom and Kaido do not have the best of relationships. The pair seem to have been closer years ago, but that has all changed. However, the looming threat of revolution may make Kaido more agreeable, and he could use Big Mom's help when it comes to crushing the rebels who are being aided by the Straw Hats.

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