New One Piece Synopses Brings the Anime Closer to Kaido

One Piece has been pushing forward with the Wano Country arc at a quick pace, and it seems things are about to bring Luffy closer to Kaido than ever before. The last time the pirate encounter the Yonko ended with Luffy in jail, but he is poised to break out shortly. That means the anime is about to shift attention elsewhere, and some new synopses are out teasing what's next.

Recently, Shonen Jump posted several new synopses (via NoxDRaz) for One Piece, and they are pretty important for the arc. After all, the anime's most recent episode went live a few days ago, and it followed Luffy on a fierce crusade. The hero went to bat for the prisoners at Udon Camp, and he gave a rousing speech that gave the Kozuki supporters the gumption to fight back. Now, it seems the prison is headed for total revolt, and a new synopsis confirms as much.

One Piece Kaido Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

According to the blurb for episode 950, Luffy and his cohorts will push the guards into submission within the Udon Camp. However, our hero is hurting in a big way after being infected by the Plague Rounds. It will fall to Chopper to save Luffy with a last-minute save, and it seems the captain will recover before proposing an alliance with Kid.

The One Piece synopses also tease a major Kaido comeback down the line with episode 952. The episode plans to debut on November 29, and it will follow Kaido as he is informed about Big Mom's arrival to Wano. The two Kaido will come face to face, and fans can only imagine the chaos these two monsters will sow. After all, Kaido and Big Mom are not the best of friends, but they are facing a common enemy now that Luffy has broken free in Wano.

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