Netflix's One Piece Poster Revealed

Are you ready to set sail with One Piece? Well, you better get ready if not. After all, Netflix is about to bring One Piece to life with a live-action adaptation. Now, the project has released its very first poster featuring Luffy, and the first look has fans across the world geeking out. 

As you can see, the poster is framed from behind Luffy, so we can see the pirate's silhouette against the background. Dressed in a red vest and straw hat, it is easy to make out the hero's look, and Luffy is even striking a familiar pose. With his ship in the background, Luffy is raising a fist to the air, and the poster goes on to confirm this live-action adaptation will drop in 2023. 

Another look at One Piece was also released by Netflix today on its site. At last, the show's catalog page is live, and it includes a special photo of the entire Straw Hat crew. Of course, the shot is taken from behind to only show silhouettes, but it is easy to make out who is who.

With the Going Merry before them, you can spot Sanji to the left in his usual black suit while Nami stands with her bo staff beside him. Luffy is in the middle, and Usopp is crouched to his captain's right. Finally, Zoro brings up the crew on the right, and you can see his mossy green hair despite the sunset.

Obviously, this shot is one anime fans have seen before. Toei Animation created this lineup years ago, but now, Netflix and creator Eiichiro Oda are giving the series a shot in live-action. Headed up by showrunners Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, this anime adaptation has been in the works since 2017. Oda has been painstakingly involved which is unusual for live-action anime, so fans are curious to see how the final product looks. And with a poster banked, it won't be much longer before Netflix gives us the first footage of One Piece in action. 

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