The One Piece Rap Gets An Official Sequel From The Original's Creator, Shawn Conrad

A generation of fans was introduced to the series that is One Piece via the original Western [...]

A generation of fans was introduced to the series that is One Piece via the original Western release by the company 4Kids, and in that airing, the One Piece Rap was born by artist Shawn Conrad. Having recently returned to discuss the origin of the song via his Youtube page, Conrad has a big new surprise for fans, having updated the original Rap with a "Part 2" that adds a number of the new Straw Hat Pirates that have joined Luffy's crew since the original song aired when the Shonen franchise first hit North America so many years ago.

Conrad, who originally ran under the rapper name Freshco, had a long career influencing some big names in the music industry, including Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, Redman, and more. In creating the new song, the prolific rapper is ecstatic for fans to hear the track and had this to say regarding its creation:

"I've been asked by many fans to do this updated version. The idea was to keep the song they love just about the same but to add a sort of cult anthem feel to it. Something that can be super fun to perform on stage and for fans to sing along with. It was all in my head and now it's complete."

Conrad shared the new sequel to the original legendary track via his Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that he remains a fan of the franchise and has updated the original rap in order to show off his skills while also including some of the biggest new characters of the series:

Conrad has returned to the public eye years after the original release of the song, having discovered how much of a part the anthem has become for fans of the anime franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. Creating a Youtube page to not only give background on the creation of the original song, his past career, and the debut of the One Piece Rap Part 2, we're anxious to see what else Conrad has up his sleeves in the future.

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