One Piece Unleashes The New Devil Fruit Power of Deadly Admiral

One Piece has officially kicked off the final saga of the long-running action manga series, and the first chapter of this final phase has revealed what kind of Devil Fruit power that the series' newest Admiral has at their disposal! During the Reverie when it was revealed how much the World Government had changed since Luffy and the others landed on Wano, fans learned that a new Admiral had rose up to fill in the gap left by Sakazuki's promotion. Before the final saga began, it was revealed that this new Admiral had already made his move and was on Wano's shores in search of Luffy.  

The previous chapter of the series saw Ryokugyu made his way to Wano in order to capture Luffy as soon as possible in the wake of the Straw Hat Captain becoming a new Emperor, and the first glimpses at his Devil Fruit power teased he was going to be a very deadly villain to deal with. The newest chapter of the series takes this even further by fully unleashing his Devil Fruit, the Woods-Woods Fruit, and it's already seeming like one of the most powerful abilities in the World Government fitting of his position as an Admiral. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1054 of One Piece picks up shortly after Ryokugyu began tearing his way through the outskirts of Wano, and the remnants of the Akazaya Nine have stepped in to stall him for as long as possible so he doesn't interruption Wano's victory celebration. It's here that Ryokugyu reveals that he has the Woods-Woods Fruit, and it's a Logia that he describes as "nature itself" given just how much influence forests have on nature just as much as the open seas do. With this power, he spreads out branches and becomes a "woodsman" tough to deal with. 

But what's even scarier than his powers are his views on the world. Much like many of the other military foes we've seen, he's got a very blunt view that everyone is committing crimes. He views the people of Wano as those without rights since they aren't a part of the government and is willing to kill as long as they are breaking the law. This mentality coupled with a powerful Logia type makes him definitely someone to keep an eye heading into the grand finale. 

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