One Piece May Get a Vans Collection Very Soon

One Piece has seen the Straw Hat Pirates exploring some strange territory throughout the crew members' quest to make Luffy the Pirate King, along with each swashbuckler trying to achieve their own individual dreams. Based on Eiichiro Oda's shonen success, it should come as no surprise to anime fans that One Piece has seen some successful partnerships, with a possible union between Luffy and company and the sneaker producers at Vans seemingly set to create new Grand Line shoes.

The anime adaptation is in the final throes of the War For Wano Arc, attempting to play catch-up with the manga from which it mostly pulls its material. As Luffy and Kaido struggle for supremacy, a major transformation is right around the corner that will add a serious new wrinkle to the Straw Hats' repertoire. Earlier this year, Sailor Moon Vans were announced, though the world of anime custom shoes have seen the attire get makeovers in the style of Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, and too many other franchises to count. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of anime, and One Piece in general, collaborations such as this one will most likely continue well into the future.

Instagram Account FullResscom took the opportunity to share a new shoe that might be a "leak" when it comes to the potential partnership between Vans and the Shonen franchise that has helped make Eiichiro Oda a household name within the anime community:

One Piece: Red is set to be the biggest movie of the franchise in Japan, becoming a major hit since it was released in theaters earlier this year, thanks in part to bringing back Red-Haired Shanks and introducing his daughter, the ultimate diva Uta. As the Shonen franchise moves past Wano and enters into its Final Arc, the popularity of the Straw Hat Pirates will surely continue to skyrocket as Luffy and company look to achieve the dream of making Monkey the king of the pirates. 

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