One Piece Teases Luffy's Infiltration with New Episode Titles

The War For Wano Arc is in full swing in both the episodes of One Piece's anime and its manga, [...]

The War For Wano Arc is in full swing in both the episodes of One Piece's anime and its manga, though before the animated version of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates can match their strength against Kaido and his Beast Pirates, the resistance fighters will have to sneak their way into the villains' headquarters. The Wano Arc has been one of the most action-packed and well-received storylines in recent history for Eiichiro Oda's Shonen epic, and with the flashback sequence taking us back into the past of Kozuki Oden, the stakes have definitely been raised for the heroes of the Grand Line.

Episodes 983 through 986 won't just see the Straw Hat Pirates sneaking their way into Onigashima, the headquarters of Kaido and his insanely strong underlings, but will also kick off the war that will have huge huge implications on the world of the Straw Hat Pirates moving forward:

"Episode 983 - The Seriousness of the Samurai! Landing on Onigashima
Episode 984 - Luffy's Recklessness? Infiltrating Kaido's Banquet
Episode 985 - Thoughts of Tama: Luffy's Angry Blow
Episode 986 - Fighting Music! The Ability To Attack Luffy!"

One Piece Wano
(Photo: Toei Animation)

This upcoming infiltration mission, as readers of the manga know, will give both Luffy and his squad of swashbucklers a change of clothing, making them look far different from even their Wano attire. Rest assured, when the Straw Hats finally come face to face with the Beast Pirates, it will be one of the biggest battles to ever take place in One Piece's anime series, especially with the resistance fighters being outnumbered by the tens of thousands.

Eiichiro Oda hasn't been shy about his plan to end the Shonen franchise within the next five years, earning a well-deserved rest having worked on the series for decades. On top of giving us some huge battles, the latest saga has also revealed a number of major elements from the past for the world of the Grand Line, and will continue to do so as the fate of Wano hangs in the balance. Regardless of how One Piece ends both the Wano Arc and the series overall, it's clear that the conclusion of Luffy's journey will be filled with some major brawls.

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