One Piece Editor Reasserts When the Manga Will Likely End

One Piece is on a tear right now with the Wano Country arc, and it has no plans on slowing down. [...]

One Piece is on a tear right now with the Wano Country arc, and it has no plans on slowing down. From the anime to the manga, the series is wowing fans all over the world. Of course, the epic action of Wano Country has fans worrying One Piece might end sooner rather than later. And now, a new interview with a former series editor is prying open that fear.

The whole thing went down recently when a network program in Japan spoke with Kohei Onishi, the current editor at large of media at Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there Onishi, who used to be an editor to Eiichiro Oda, commented on how much time he believes is left of One Piece.

"Kohei Onishi, current editor in charge of media in Weekly Shonen Jump, has commented on One Piece's final episode, stating that there should still be 4 to 5 years left for it; around 20 to 30 volumes left," Twitter user WSJ_manga translated for fans.

Of course, this comment is far from official, so the actual timeline of One Piece is unknown. The only person who understands the years left in the series is Oda himself. Of course, the creator has touched on the topic before, and Oda seems to be considering the finale of One Piece more so than usual these days.

Less than a year ago, Oda himself said he expects One Piece to last another four to five years. This talk was had on a TV chat, and Oda affirmed the prediction later in the year. In fact, the artist said he felt the need to reiterate the schedule so One Piece fans could begin preparing themselves now for the finale. After all, One Piece has been a huge thing for fans given its 25+ year run. By the time the story ends, Luffy will have likely been around for 30 years. Oda wants longtime fans to brace themselves for the loss that's coming, and Onishi believes Oda will make good on his prediction.

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